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What is the auditory training program from SENSOTON?

  • It is a tinnitus retraining

  • It is a training program for hearing aid and cochlear implant users


What cause tinnitus?

  • There are more than 400 reasons which can be responsible for tinnitus

  • Tinnitus occurs in the brain and not in the ears

  • Stress is one of the main reason for tinnitus

The tinnitus retraining from SENSOTON can be helpful, because:

  • We as humans have the capability to decide what we would like to hear and what not

  • (Do you hear the fan from your computer, the fridge or the cars on the street right now?)

  • The filter function in the brain can be disturbed from stress

  • This disfunction can occurs tinnitus

  • Tinnitus is therefore all day hearable, we put all energy to the ringing

The tinnitus retraining from SENSOTON can help you to build up the filter function in the auditory cortex.
You can learn with auditory excersices to concentrate less to the tinnitus buzzing and to
get back the joy of life!

How is the tinnitus retraining from SENSOTON going?

  • Concentrate less to your ringing

  • Do auditory training

  • Learn to put your mental focus on other sounds

  • Concentrate less to the buzzing

  • Get back the joy of life

How to start the retraining:

  1. Get the Log-in data

  2. Start the training

What is a Tinnitus?

  • Tinnitus is ringing, buzzing or humming

  • Tinnitus is like pain a perception phenomenon

  • The tinnitus suffering is individual

  • Only the person itself can hear the tinnitus

The vicious cycle begins

Widespread desease tinnitus

Tinnitus can be describe as a perception phenomenon, like pain only the person itself can perceive it. For the person it can be a heavy burden and is a negative impact on the quality of life.

22 million Americans experience some form of tinnitus. This is roughly 10 percent of the adult population in the US.
Estimated 3.5 million veterans experience tinnitus.

Regarding to this big number you can speak from a widespread desease.

Unless your eyes, you can not close your ears, and so the ears are 24h active.
Just for this reason we are able to hear the alarm.

Our subconsciousness has to decide permamently, what is important and what less.
Through additional stress it could be, that the filter function in the brain can be disturb and the protective function get loss.

If the filter function got loss, you hear suddenly a ringing from one day to the other. 
First very softly, like a drop of water, which you can easily ignore.

But after a time you still hear the ringing and you get nervous. This is the dangerous part.
Now you mind the tinnitus and you put all awareness to it.
You get nervous, and more nervous.
You listen inside your body, if the ringing is still there.
And unfortunately the tinnitus is still there.

Persons with tinnitus can not have a full night sleeps, because they hear the ringing all night long.

This creates a lack of sleep, which effects even more stress and exhaustion.

You can concentrate less to other things and the tinnitus is omnipresent.

The vicious cycle starts.

How tinnitus sounds like:

Tinnitus retraining

We have learned, that the tinnitus is a perception phenomen and so it is subjective.
The good thing is: You could learn to concentrate through auditory training less to the tinnitus and more to other things.
With the special designed auditory training from SENSOTON you will learn to ignore more and more the tinnitus.
You will learn to hear the tinnitus only, if you put the energy to it.

Test the tinnitus retraining

If you you wonder, how the tinnitus retraining is working, the best thing is to test the tinnitus retraining for free.

Just click on "start".
Adjust the system volume until the sound is at a comfortable level.

You will need the newest flash player from adobe. You can easily download it for free on the offical adobe webpage:

With the help from the picture you can understand how the tinnitus retraining from SENSOTON is working: 

How is the tinnitus retraining working?

With the tinnitus retraining we will aim the situation like on the right picture.

The tinnitus - the cricket- still exsists, but it is pushed in the background from the water.


You are able to concentrate more to other sounds in your enviroment.

Step by step you can carry out the tinnitus retraining on your computer or laptop, whenever and wherever you are.

You will notice, that each excercise will train a different part of your auditory brain and strenghten your filter.
You will learn to put your mental focus on other sounds and away from the tinnitus.

You will learn to concentrate less on the tinnitus.

Set a goal for the tinnitus retraining

It is very unlikely that the tinnitus goes completly away.

Your ringing should be like your breathing, do you active notice that you breath in and out?

The goal is, that you only hear the ringing, if you put your mental focus on it, otherwise the ringing do not disturb you.

Train with the tinnitus retraining from Sensoton your brain.
You will learn through auditory training to reprogram your focus.

You will learn to hear less your ringing and more other sounds.

You can move the attention away from the tinnitus!

You see on the left side a cricket in front of a blurred background.

The cricket represents the tinnitus.
It will mainly perceive from the person over all other sounds.

What is important for the tinnitus retraining:

Tinnitus retraining training

You are the key for the tinnitus retraining.
You are responsible to do something against the ringing.
It is your decision to start the retraining .

The key for the tinnitus retraining :

How much does the tinnitus retraining cost?

  • Carry out the tinnitus retraining on your computer or laptop, whenever and wherever you are.

  • Pay, register, start!

  • With numerous exercises such as sound samples, info material and learning videos the tinnitus retraining is designed to help rebuild your auditory filter.

  • Concentrate less to the humming

  • Get back the joy of your life

There are more than 400 reasons, which can cause tinnitus.
Stress, as described aboved, is the main reason.

If you have a tinnitus, SENSOTON recommends to visit a ENT or another physican.

Loud sounds


Impact noise

Some medication



How long tinnitus last:


Some forms of tinnitus are temporary, but other forms of tinnitus are long lasting.
If your ringing consists longer than 3 months, it is very unlikely, that the tinnitus goes completly away.


In the tinnitus retraining you differentiate from three different time periods:


  • Acute tinnitus can last from a few minutes to 3 months.
    In this phase the tinnitus retraining is most promising, because the tinnitus did not branded in the brain. (See above vicious cycle).
    The chance exsists that the tinnitus goes completly away.

  • Sub acute tinnitus can last from 3 to 6 months. This period is for the affacted person tragic. The tinnitus branded in the awareness and is ominpresent. The fear occurs, that the tinnitus dominates the life.

  • You speak from an constant tinnitus, if you have the tinnitus more than 6 months.
    In many cases the person accepts the tinnitus and learned to life with it.
    The have learned e.g. through tinnitus retraining to blend out the tinnitus.

Different types of tinnitus

Subjective tinnitus:

The most common type of tinnitus. A condition in which only the person itself can hear the tinnitus.

Objetive tinnitus:
Rare type of tinnitus. Often caused through an accident. The ENT doctor can hear the ringing or person who stands close to the ear. The tinnitus is related to movement of head or neck. 

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