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Try the auditory training from Sensoton®. 

You will carry out various exercises in the free listening training unit,
e.g. you will hear two tones which differ from the volume.
You will then have to decide which tone is louder. 


Sensoton® recommends that you do the complete hearing training for at least two weeks to rebuild the hearing filter. 

During this time, perform the training for 10 minutes. 


The trial exercise will give you an idea of what to expect during the training.

Sensoton® hearing training is recommended by acousticians and audiologist. 

"The auditory training was recommended by the audiologist and helped me tremendously with the rehabilitation"
Andrea H.

"The rehabilitation training helped me a lot to get used to my cochlear implants.
I did the training daily for 15 minutes a day for 4 months"
Christian A.


"My acoustician recommended it to me because the high notes always sounded wrong. After 2 months of training I got used to the sounds from the hearing aid and now everything sounds normal"
Jose O.

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